Thursday, November 11, 2010


November 11, 2010
I have just sent the following email to Quebec Elder Abuse.

Want to bet they will tell me my case is not in their jurisdiction ?
I am a 74 year old Canadian journalist, cancer patient and crime victim. I have been pleading for justice day and night for fourteen years - since I was attacked and robbed in my home in Montreal, Quebec, on October 7, 1996.
While I was being attacked, I managed to wrestle the phone from my assailant and call 911. The police I called to rescue me - helped the thief instead. The policeman took me out of my home and told me I could not take any of my belongings with me and that I must never return. This was done without any justification, without any legal procedure whatsoever. The police left me standing on the street alone, homeless and destitute, without as much as a coat - and the two officers just drove away. They did not file a report.
At the age of 60 and fighting cancer, I had to start my life all over again, from scratch.
I have been pleading for justice day and night for fourteen years. Quebec's Droits de la personne says I am too late for justice.
Marlene Jennings, MP, twice acknowledged publicly in 2008 that my rights were violated by the authorities three times, but the Montreal Police still refuse to act.
Copied to Members of Government and the Media

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