Sunday, October 16, 2011


October 16, 2011
Obama hails King for 'freeing Americans of every colour'
Thousands of people gathered Sunday to give the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial a proper dedication on the National Mall after its opening in August in Washington, D.C.
Phyllis Carter   The colour of a person's skin is such a non-issue. It is ignorance and bigotry that are the real problems that have destroyed so many lives and suppressed millions of people for so long. The guilt is with those who brought the people from Africa and Asia and made them slaves. Every Caucasian who had slave-owning ancestors should check his or her own genes to see if any of that ignorance and hatred still exists in them. No, you are not responsible for what your ancestors did, but you are responsible for your own attitudes and your own actions. I can speak from my "high horse" about this because none of my ancestors ever enslaved anyone. They only struggled to survive the bigotry that killed so many of them in Europe and made daily life in Montreal a daily trial.
The United States, which also turned away refugees, has yet to be strongly criticized. Its policy on Jewish refugees during the war seems to have been swept under the rug.

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