Friday, October 7, 2011

           Mehmet Oz
The long hours I spend in hospital waiting for tests and treatments are never wasted. I go to my appointments expecting to wait and wait. There is a bonus to being there. I meet so many interesting people, and because we are all waiting side by side, we get to talking ... sometimes even singing, to ease the boredom and anxiety. As a journalist and a social activist, I garner so much information this way and I sometimes make new friends.
On October 6, 2011, I met Gail who was at a clinic with her husband, the patient. And through the following hours, she revealed her experience.
Gail is a fan of the Dr. Oz TV show. The topics discussed on that program are often unpleasant, but in this case the unpleasant subject of stomach functions saved her husband's life.
Gail's husband never wanted to hear about the Dr. Oz show, but when Gail mentioned this episode to him, he stopped in his tracks. Symptoms Gail repeated to her husband hit home.
Gail and her husband went to the clinic of Dr. Carole Vasilevsky at the Hertzl Walk in Centre of the Jewish General Hospital at 5858 Cotes-des-Neiges in Montreal. Tests revealed that Gail's husband had two cancerous tumours in his colon.
The surgery was performed at the Jewish General Hospital using some of the most modern techniques in medicine and the cancers were safely removed.
Dr.Oz and the Jewish General Hospital saved a life in Montreal. 
It pays to pay attention.

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