Sunday, October 30, 2011


My readers will see that I publish reports and essays and photos that tear at the human heart. I have a hard time looking at my own blog as I work on it, because of the tragedies and injustices I must publish.
My blog is not for the feeble hearted. Wimps and cowards need not apply here. You cannot help. I publish the truth. I do not publish blood and gore, but I do offer my readers around the world pictures and stories of real life.
But yesterday, I saw a photograph on Facebook that I will not publish.
Was it so ugly? No, it was so beautiful - and so tragic that I, like the person who posted it, lay down and cried.
The picture haunted me through the night and is still causing an ache through my body.
Was it worse than the pictures of the little children with their ribs showing ? What could be worse and still be "beautiful" ?
Surely it was not worse than the pictures of little children starving and thirsty and being abused all over the world !
No. The picture itself is not the source of this pain. It is the fact behind the picture that took my breath away. It isn't as if I never knew. But this one hit home like an arrow through my heart.
It is the photograph of a beautiful puppy looking out at us - at me - through the glass of a gas chamber.
I am still having a really hard time with that image.
Why ? Why ? Why ?
Because human beings can be cruel beyond anything portrayed in fiction.
And all I can do is tell the truth.

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