Friday, March 7, 2014


Vladimir Putin is Super Stud. He beats his chest like a gorilla. He excels in extreme sports. He imagines the Soviet Union restored to glory. He is a dreamer creating his Oz.
Barack Obama is an ethical, thoughtful man. He reasons. He pauses to think. He considers possibilities and alternatives. He is a man of peace in the seat of power where the world expects to find Super Hero, Daddy, The Saviour.
And so, when the "Red Line" was crossed in Syria, and Barack Obama chose not to kill, Vladimir smelled weakness, not principle. The Tsar envisions his Soviet Empire rising from the ashes.
Brinkmanship. Who will blink first? Vladimir is counting on Barack Obama being weak and slow to act, and America being hobbled, vulnerable.
One of the effects of these Olympian games will be a Republican President in the next election. And war - lots of war and lots of blood and lots of death of innocent men, women and children across the globe. Anyone who thinks it won't happen is asleep.

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